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Much Needed Food Arrives

People in Honduras receive food bags from Living Hope For Honduras.

We have a new blessing through our relationship with Breedlove Foods, which has seen the provision of much needed food. As highlighted on our home page in a brief video, it was a momentous occasion for the food truck to arrive in Honduras. It was exciting to imagine the bounty contained inside, and the relief it provided was beyond all expectations.

For people who experience hunger and food insecurity, the effects are devastating in a number of directions, from the absence of basic nutrition to heartbreaking hunger in children. The newly-arrived food provides blessings that cannot be overestimated. Plus, the fact that the food is from Breedlove - one of the world's most respected charitable food processing organizations - brings added value in expertise and logistical support.

For those we serve in Honduras, the struggle they confront everyday with poverty and severe food insecurity is hard to fully imagine. The food bags contain multiple servings of hearty meals of lentils and vegetables and will feed many in need. A wonderful aside is that the meals are easy to make, even if the kitchens in which they will be prepared are humble and meager. Each bag has been embraced and is so appreciated.

We celebrate and lift thanks for the delivery of this amazing blessing!

A woman in Honduras holds a small child in her meager kitchen.
A woman and small child in Honduras hold bags of Breedlove food received from Living Hope For Honduras.
People in Honduras receiving food bags containing nutritious meals.
Family in Honduras holding bags of lentil & vegetable meal mix.