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One Young Woman's Journey

Darsy, resident of Nanny's Casa in Honduras.

Meet Darsy, part of the Nanny’s Casa family. Darsy grew up in a very small home with her grandmother, her aunt (who was a prostitute), and several cousins, two of whom had special needs.

When we first met Darsy, she was about four years old. Darsy was one of the many young children who liked to visit the compound, play games, and be read to by the young people who were there on mission trips, staff, and volunteers. When Darsy was about 14, observers noticed that Darsy was maturing, looking more like a young woman than a girl. The local boys noticed too.

Her home life was not ideal, with men wandering in and out, visiting her aunt. We felt that Darsy's future was in danger. In the Honduran, male dominated culture, rape and sex trafficking are common occurrences for young, poor girls. The Living Hope staff intervened, and with her grandmother's permission, Darsy was placed into Nanny's Casa.

Darsy had almost no formal education. At Nanny's Casa, with safe and loving guides and guardians, Darsy flourished. She quickly reached her grade level and completed high school, graduating with honors, and is now a student at the university in Juticalpa. She continues to make good grades at the university and hopes to become an attorney one day.