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Damaged Homes Repaired

Damaged home in Honduras being repaired after storm.

The following is an account from Elvin Espinal Cruz, who is Director of Children's Homes & Farm Operations.

Santos Javier Padilla and his family are from the Buenos Aires community, a mountainous area in near Susmay separated by a river. After the hurricane, they and other families had no way to communicate and no way to get food.  The roads were destroyed by overflowing rivers and landslides from the mountains, and floods polluted the water resources, leaving them without access to potable water.

After contacting the Mennonite pastor of Susmay, we learned of the conditions in Buenos Aires and the Susmay area and were able to deliver food, hygiene kits and water packages; we did not imagine families on the other side of the river crying out for help.  Thanks be to God and Living Hope that we were able to reach those communities and provide emergency assistance.

I was very surprised by the unity these communities exhibited, from accessing double-traction cars, to sending messengers to all the affected communities on the other side of the river. That is how I met Santos Javier Padilla.  He told me that he had to walk for more than two hours to be on time and receive Living Hope supplies for the isolated families. He called this opportunity a miracle of God. Santos said the families never believed, nor did they imagine receiving help like this.  They were in despair that they did not have a way to find food for their children. The family felt enormously grateful for this great help, and relieved from their helplessness.

All thanks to God and the people who made it possible to reach this blessing through the great Living Hope family.

The truth is, brothers Pablo, Victor, Maribel and I feel very blessed to belong to this great organization that helps people in need. Because the situation has affected us all, we declare that God is working through Living Hope.

A woman in Honduras inspects her damaged home.
Family in front of repaired home after hurricane disaster.